The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Please contact the DELTA Security Officer(s) at your location for additional support and questions.

DELTA Portal Overview (pdf)

DELTA User Quick Reference Card2 (pdf)

DELTA Supervisor Quick Reference Card2 (pdf)

DELTA Security Officer Quick Reference Card2 (pdf)

DELTA Quick Reference Card - Local Admin (pdf)

DELTA User Manual V1-1 (pdf)

DELTA Account Request Form (Save and Use)

DELTA Training Vidoes

DELTA Overview (mp4)

Creating DELTA Accounts: Production Account Request (mp4)

Creating DELTA Accounts: DELTA Supervisor (mp4)

Creating DELTA Accounts: DELTA Security Officer (mp4)

Creating DELTA Accounts: Local Administrator (mp4)

Logging Into DELTA (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Administrative Account Reset (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Forgot Password? (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Change Password & Security Question (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Updating “My Information (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Modifying User Access (mp4)

Maintaining DELTA Accounts: Revoking a User’s Access (mp4)

Using DBHDS Applications in DELTA (mp4)

Support from DBHDS may be requested by the DELTA Security Officer(s) using the following contact information:

DELTA Support Line
Catrina Sankey(804)
Rennie Hubbard(804)